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​Welcome to Pickleball Playmakers, your gateway to combining the excitement of pickleball with the success of corporate events. We specialize in crafting unique and engaging experiences that merge competition and camaraderie.


Whether you're aiming to boost team dynamics, celebrate achievements, or cultivate new connections, we're here to transform your corporate events into unforgettable pickleball adventures. Join us as we redefine team-building, networking, and corporate event planning!

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Why Choose Pickleball For Your next Event?

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Tired of the same old corporate routine? Ready to level up your corporate gathering or fundraiser? Shake things up with an epic day of pickleball – where business meets fun!


🌐 Team Building Extraordinaire:

Swap the conference room for the court! Watch teamwork flourish as colleagues bond over smashes and volleys. It's not just a game; it's a team-building masterpiece!


🤝 Networking, Pickleball-Style:

Who needs awkward handshakes? Forge connections with a paddle in hand. Networking has never been this entertaining – seal deals and score points simultaneously!


💥 Power Up the Energy:

Break the monotony! Infuse your event with pickleball's contagious energy, revitalizing minds for a more productive and upbeat atmosphere.


🏆 Winners Circle:

Turn your awards ceremony into a sporty showdown! Let your team bask in the glory of victory after an exhilarating pickleball extravaganza. 

🍲 Culinary Delights Courtside:

Savor the game with delicious bites! From courtside drinks to snacks, treat your taste buds to a winning combination of gourmet and gameplay.


📸 Picture-Perfect Moments:

Capture the joy and competition with our pickleball photographer and videographer specalists. Transform your event into a visual spectacle, creating lasting memories for your team and clients.


Spice up your next corporate event with pickleball by Pickleball Playmakers for an event that smashes the ordinary and serves up an unforgettable experience! 🏓 🥳

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What is Pickleball?
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Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America with nearly 50 million people playing on courts in the United States, and millions more playing in countries across the world.


Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It is typically played on a rectangular court, either indoors or outdoors, with a net in the middle. The game is usually played as doubles, although singles play is also common.

Pickleball has been rapidly growing in popularity, with a strong community of enthusiasts with a wide range of skill levels. It's an excellent sport for people looking for a low-impact, yet engaging physical activity that can be enjoyed by both beginners and experienced players.

Pro athletes and entertainers have joined the pickleball craze by playing and/or investing in the sport including Lebron James, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Kim Clijsters, Dirk Nowitzki, Rob Gronkowski, Jamie Foxx, Ellen DeGeneres, Emma Watson, Michael Phelps and many more.

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