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The Reset

The reset shot in pickleball is a strategic and controlled shot that players use to regain control of the rally or change the dynamics of a point. This shot is often employed when a player is out of position, facing a challenging situation, or looking to transition from defense to offense. Here's more information about the reset shot in pickleball:

the reset


  • The primary purpose of the reset shot is to neutralize the opponent's advantage, regain control of the point, and set up the player for a more favorable position in the rally.

Defensive Strategy:

  • The reset shot is commonly used as part of a defensive strategy, allowing players to handle fast-paced or aggressive shots from opponents without sacrificing control.

Soft and Controlled:

  • The reset shot is typically a soft and controlled shot that involves a gentle touch on the ball. It's not about hitting a winner but rather about placing the ball precisely into the NVZ/Kitchen to reset the point.

Low Trajectory:

  • Successful reset shots often have a low trajectory, helping to keep the ball below the net and making it more challenging for opponents to attack.


  • The reset shot can take various forms, including volleys, dinks, drop shots, or well-placed groundstrokes. Players may use different types of resets depending on the situation and their preferred style of play.

Changing Pace:

  • The reset shot is effective in changing the pace of the game. Players can use it to slow down the rally, disrupt opponents' timing, and introduce more variability into the point.

Transition to Offense:

  • While the reset shot is defensive in nature, it can also serve as a transition to offense at the NVZ/Kitchen. Once the ball is reset, players may look for opportunities to take a more aggressive stance in the rally.


  • Proper footwork is crucial when executing a reset shot. Players need to adjust their positioning quickly to be in the right place to make a controlled shot.

Strategic Placement:

  • The placement of the reset shot is vital. Players aim to put the ball in a position that makes it difficult for opponents to attack and provides an opportunity to regain control of the point.

Mental Aspect:

  • The reset shot requires a level-headed and strategic approach. Players must make calculated decisions about when to use the reset based on the specific circumstances of the point.

Counter to Aggressive Play:

  • The reset shot can be an effective counter to opponents who play aggressively. By responding with a controlled reset, players can force opponents into defensive positions.

Communication in Doubles:

  • In doubles play, effective communication between partners is essential for coordinating reset shots. Partners need to be aware of each other's intentions and positioning on the court.


  • Like any shot in pickleball, practicing the reset shot is essential for developing consistency. Players often engage in drills that simulate different scenarios to improve their ability to respond effectively in various situations.

In summary, the reset shot is a versatile and strategic tool in a player's arsenal. It allows players to regain control, change the flow of the point, and transition from defense to offense. Understanding when and how to use the reset shot is a key aspect of developing a well-rounded pickleball game.

The most important things to do while using the reset:

  • Hit resets over the net and into the NVZ/Kitchen (never miss it into the net)

  • Aim resets on the backhand side of opponents 

  • Add topspin or sidespin to make it more difficult for opponents to handle

  • Use effective resets to move into the transition zone, up to the NVZ/Kitchen, and set up opportunities to win points more easily and effectively.

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